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Antique vs Vintage

The terms vintage and antique are often clouded in the furniture world. Most often Antique is associated with yesterday’s furniture where it does not belong at all. Anything and everything coming out of grandma’s attic does not become antique. It is essential for one to understand the stark difference between the two. Most striking difference between the two is that Vintage furniture does not have to be old whereas Antique furniture does.

In most parts of the world furniture which is over 100 years old qualify for the description “Antique”. This definition is often stretched by old furniture dealers and normally include furniture aged between 50 to 60 years and which is altered. A true piece of antique furniture should not only be above 100 years old but should also be in its original condition.

Whereas Antique is more about age and originality, Vintage Furniture is about high quality and high attention to details reflecting styles from the past. Most furniture seen in antique stores is vintage restored furniture which is usually romanced as antique furniture to drive its sales.

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