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Market Analysis

Why us


Our role

Establishing the right source at the right price

Sampling, Cost Evaluation and Negotiation 

Advising and framing correct terms of buyer agreement 

Quality conformity as per agreed terms

Resolving Vendor end queries and issues

Progress Report on regular intervals during work in process

Maintaining Timely deliveries 

Transparent workflow enabling right information at right time 

Handling export documentary requirements

Packing solution based on nature of cargo and mode of shipping

Cargo consolidation and shipping solution

Being here without being here.  


Our cost to customer is purely based on deliverables, a specific pre-agreed commission. 



You get what you want. We follow internationally adopted “Acceptable Quality Level” (AQL) standard, which refers to the maximum level of defect that could be considered acceptable during random sampling of an inspection. These defects found during inspection are classified under Critical, Major and Minor. This classification of AQL standard is followed by us based on prior understanding and agreement with the customer depending on the nature of product and order size. 



We ensure that all standards, documentary requirements, norms and regulations specific to destination are adhered not only for the product but also for its packing, labelling, shipping and custom clearing.



Some of our product categories, like Wood Art Ware, Furniture, Glass Ware, Metal Ware etc. demand expert attention during packing and movement of cargo. We have dedicated team of skilled packers who are perfect at packing even the most bizarre shapes and fragile items. 



To avoid material damage, handling cargo is as vital as packing. Even the most well packed material is bound to suffer damage until handled cautiously. At Sanskriti we give equal importance to handling and shipping. 


We also offer warehousing and consolidation services


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